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Walking In My Purpose.


Belief Of A Queen,

"Changing Lives"

"Spreading Love"

"Promoting Unity in the Community & Creating Opportunities"


Custom Creations On-Line Boutique

Queen's Custom Creations has been established with hand crafted & designed creations by Queen Lea' Gardner herself!  Using her creativity as a means to create multiple platforms, opportunities and help her community both locally, nationally & internationally!  Born & Raised In Columbus, Queen comes from humble beginnings and knows the value of a hard earned dollar!
So Instead of asking you to Donate in support of a TV Network established for US!  Queen wants you to have a custom creation out of LOVE, giving you something in return for your generosity of support and love!  THANK YOU!  YOUR SUPPORT IS MUCH NEEDED AND APPRECIATED TO MAKE ALL DREAMS COME TRUE!  QUEEN XOXO

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