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BLACK OPAL TV NETWORK T-SHIRT (purple lettering)

Purchase YOUR "Black Opal TV Network" T-Shirt & support a Business and Brand that SUPPORTS YOU!  Owner Queen Lea' Gardner has built her entire brand and business around GIVING BACK & SUPPORTING HER COMMUNITY!(ESPECIALLLY THE YOUTH)  This T-Shirt represents the commit to continue to create outlets, platforms and opportunities for our youth and community so that no one is left out due to financial status and no dream is unobtainable due to financial status!  Supporting "Black Opal TV Network" & all that Queen is attached to and has established, SUPPORTS YOU BACK!   This support is needed and appreciated and you will be giving back to YOUR COMMUNITY TOO!  BOTH LOCALLY, NATIONALLY & INTERNATIONALLY & WE THANK YOU, QUEEN THANKS YOU XOXO 

BLACK OPAL TV NETWORK T-SHIRT (purple lettering)

  • No Refund Available/All Sales Are Final

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