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Landon Stewart
Landon Stewart

IR MESA: What You Need to Know About This Impressive Impulse Response Pack for Guitarists

background : i love the recto cabs, i love the recto (and for the record : our customers love them as well). they are a great low-end cab with a gorgeous sound when the wood is perfectly dry and there is a good coat of lacquer. but like everything, they are not perfect (although they are the best). in this post, i have my impressions on the mesa recto v30s speakers when they are very dry. when i bought them, i was struck by the accuracy : i loved the sound and the feel of the speakers. the problem is that i also loved the feel of the cheap v30s and i didn't wanna do a big stereo conversion so i paid for the v30s from a premium speaker store in france. and it turns out they are very good speakers. the problem was i had to live with the cheap feel. so i got the recto v30s : made-in-china speakers with a very distinct sound : it is more "square", metallic, with a typical v30 sound, and with a lot of "hard" distortion. the high's are a bit "car-like" in the sense that they lack punch and feel flat. however, the low's are quite good, with the sweet tone of the speakers. and i am happy with them!

IR MESA Guitar Impulse Response Pack WAV

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i mean seriously, how can you not like the sound? the bass is not just tight and punchy, it is so detailed that you end up listening to the speakers only. everything is there : kick, bass, mids, the highs, the lows. the mids are good too (not amazing, but good). the mids are very soft and the high's are very "heavy", not like the ir academic model ; they are clean, with some attack, very good. the bass is tight, nothing loose, but a bit "resonant", definitely more than the typical v30. the bass is tight and punchy. the highs are just unparallel and the mids is excellent. the sound is not exactly mesa's, but the way the audio is processed, the fasteners, the character, everything is very mesa-like. the treble is a bit weak (the mesa v30s are very strong), but the bass is really strong so the treble doesn't bother me too much. i love the sound of the recto v30s when they are dry.


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