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Madison Ivy Interview

Tiffany Watson is ready for her job interview with her boss Ivy Wolfe. Ivy got an idea for Tiffany to prove to her that she is qualified for the job. She starts kissing and licking Tiffanys pussy.In return Tiffany licks and fingers Ivys wet pussy too

madison ivy interview

In a YouTube interview, Madison says she got into porn at 18 and enjoyed every minute of it. She says that working in the industry has made her feel more empowered as a woman because it's not only about having sex, but you have to think about having sex. It's made her stronger, she says. What she didn't like about the business when the interview was recorded in 2014, were the people who tried to take advantage of her industry innocence, particularly as she was only 18 at the time.

A behind the scenes interview with pornstars Andi Anderson and Madison Ivy. Andi's tits are exploding out of her pink bra, while Madison calls herself a piece of shit of whore. The sluts can't keep their hands off each other though they're supposed to be answering questions. They both talk about their first times getting fucked. The director dude gets them to show off their tits to the camera. They hang out totally naked on the couch and talk about the business - how much they love getting fucked on camera for money. What a couple of cum sucking sluts, no wonder they chose to film for Anal Lick Fest

"The problem with good journalism is, it invariably gets you in hot water with people in power," argues Robert McChesney, professor of Communications at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, in the second part of his interview by David Barsamian of Alternative Radio. "It's so much easier to cover Linda Tripp, Lorena Bobbit or Joey Buttafuoco. You can put a camera in the courtroom. It doesn't take any intelligence to cover it. It's very inexpensive. The profits skyrocket." And, that's why we all see a real trivialization of news content. 041b061a72


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